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When the domestic linear guide slider is damaged, is it repaired or replaced directly?

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When the domestic linear guide slider is damaged, is it repaired or replaced directly?

In most modern equipment, there are a large number of linear guide sliders. This uses the principle of reciprocating movement of the slider in the linear guide. Although the overall motion track is fixed and there will be lubricating oil, Because of the different use environment, the slider itself will also have a certain life span. Therefore, if the linear guide slider is damaged, should it be repaired or replaced?

1. What problems will the slider mainly present

Because of the large differences in equipment, environment, etc., it cannot be said that the slider will necessarily show the same or similar faults during use, but in general, these faults or problems can be divided into two parts, one is the slider The motor component part is the guide rail part. In the slider motor components, there are various small parts such as motors, tension springs, gears, etc., which simply present problems; for example, problems may be caused by rust, deformation, etc. on the guide rail.

2. Choose repair or renew

Generally speaking, because most of the sliders are not large in size, various parts are integrated in them, so if one or more of the parts present a problem, it can be repaired at a professional repair point, but if it is The cost of repairing critical parts may be about the same as replacing them with new ones. In most cases, if there is no problem with the guide rail, a new slider can be directly replaced, which is simple and convenient, and the cost is not too high.

3. Will the price of the slider be high if it is replaced?

The price of the slider used for different equipment is also quite different. For example, the slider used on the injection molding machine can basically be settled for 10-20 yuan, while the price of the slider on the engraving machine is very high